First week of Stitches is over

I have completed the first week of stitches. See previous post for beginning of this challenge.

On January 6th I stitches three rows of running stitches, the first and third are the same and the second if offset. Then I wove a thread through these stitches. If you have Constance Howard's Book of Stitches you can see the example which inspired me on page 19 curving down the center of the page. I then couched down a novelty thread. The thread I stitched with was also a novelty thread which had small knots in the thread which made it difficult to stitch through the more tightly woven background fabric.  


The first week is over and below is a picture of all the stitching I did on this challenge except for the chop which is visible in the previous post.

Week 1 finished

Week 1 finished