I create because I have to make art.  Without art my very existence is impaired, there is a void in my heart and my songs sound monotone.  With art the world is brighter, the songs are sweeter and I am complete.
 I take cloth, usually white, sometimes black or occasionally a solid color and through use of many different media layer color on the cloth.  I dye.  I paint.  I foil.  I discharge.  I bead.  I embroiderer.  I stencil.  I screen.  I stamp.  I play like  a child and in the process I meet my Muse, I unleash my creativity and I experience the creative high!  I am at one with the cloth and the cloth glows with the color, design and texture I add.  I will never outgrow the excitement of taking a piece of white fabric and creating magic with dyes, paints, foils, beads, embroidery and the many techniques of surface design.  The finished fabric reaches out, touches my very soul and lifts my spirits to new heights. Sometimes my complex cloth is exhibited as art cloth, shown for the message I expresses through the cloth alone.  Other times I utilize the cloth to create art quilts, machine embroidered wall hangings, art garments, sculptural object and any other direction my Muse takes me on my art cloth pathway.